I had known about Rubik since I was in elementary school. At that time I didn’t know that the name of the toy was Rubik. As the time pass by I knew that it was Rubik. But still, I couldn’t finish all the six sides. I could only finish one side of the Rubik.  And when I was lucky, I could finish two sides of the Rubik. 

But then, about few months ago, my sister told me that actually there are some methods to solve the Rubik. She, then, taught me the method. After mastering the method I felt that actually solving Rubik is easy, not like I thought before.

However, I still feel amazed to people who can solve the Rubik only in seconds. There is, even, a competition for solving the Rubik. The less time spent, the bigger chance to be the winner. They who win the competition must be good in mathematics. Besides, their fingers must be very flexible because they can move the Rubik very fast.

Look at the video below! The man in this video, named Feliks Zemdegs, solved the rubik in a Rubik competition only in 6.24 seconds!