Drama Review: Nigeru Onna


I don’t know how I crossed this drama. I rarely watch J-drama lately, but this drama just draw my attention.

At first, I don’t have any idea about the plot or whatsoever about this drama. I don’t really understand Japanese language — I’m referring to the title — so I just watched this drama without any expectation. To my surprise, this drama only has 6 episodes!!

So what is this drama about? Well, Rieko Nishiwaki played by Miki Mizuno has just released from prison after spending 8 years incarcerated on a false charge. She seeks out her former best friend, Azumi, who betrayed her. On the way she comes across a young murderess played by Riisa Naka.

However, this drama is not all about vengeance or revenge. It’s darker and sadder. The story is well written. It’s able to portrait and deliver the feeling of a person who is wrongfully accused, to be in her shoes and understand how she is treated, looked, perceived and to be on her side to seek the truth.


At the same time, this drama also succeeded to stir my feeling. For the first time I’m able to feel anger and pity at the same time while watching Mio. As the story goes by, I’m kind of understand why she acted like Reiko’s protector, never let anyone harm her, including killing a thief that stole Reiko’s purse (Ironically, Reiko doesn’t know this dark side of Mio). Even she doesn’t want to let Reiko meet her sister when she finally figures out Mio’s dark side. I kind of understand that she doesn’t want to be alone.

At the end, we’ll never know why Azumi gave a false confession that led Rieko being condemned as a murderer. Why? Because Mio killed her. However, this is still a recommended drama with Kento Kaku apperance as a bonus.


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