A Confession: Insta-Obsession

I love Instagram! Even long before I have my first smartphone!

I always love seeing pictures that capture beautiful, meaningful, things. And it’s my dream to be able to capture those kind of pictures myself and put it on instagram.

Taking photos actually has been my obsession since a long time ago. I don’t have any digital camera or even SLR. What I did was borrowing my friends’ phone and taking photos using them. You know, my phone didn’t have camera feature. It’s an old fashioned phone—I admit it. So, ever since I had my first smartphone—like a year ago—I find myself taking more and more photos.

Like any other newbie, I just took ‘any’ photos—random photos. I didn’t know how to find appropriate angle or lighting. I depended more on the effects/filters in photo editing app.

As time goes by, I kinda start to find my own ‘style’. You know, I find many great, fantastic, fabulous photos just by exploring instagram. Some of them even taken only by phones. It somehow encourages me to ‘produce’ the same photos.

I love photos taken by A Beautiful Mess. They often share simple yet meaningful photos. In my opinion, they can make everyday activities look special through lifestyle photography.

Bit by bit I learn how to get good photos—find the right angle, lighting, etc. And now, as I scroll down my istagram feed, I can see the changes I made through this year.


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