I’m A Happy Blogger


I’ve been blogging since three years ago. However, until now, I’m still learning how to blog. When I googling about blogging, then there will be articles like “5 ways to increase your blog traffic” or “Make your blog successful with three simple steps” or “Sell your soul and gain 100 blog followers!” etc. But I never see anything about actually enjoying blogging.

Honestly, I’m not the kind who blog with specific theme such travel, fashion, food, etc. I simply write what I want to write. And, maybe that’s the reason why my blog traffic’s always up and down. There were times when I didn’t blog for a long time and the traffic went down rapidly. Yikes! however, I’d be lying if I said that I was the least bit bothered by being unable to blog. I was kind of relieved. Well, I was a college student back then (in my first year on blogging). I’ve been having tough time being a collage student, studying, and managing my blog. There were time when I’ve even given serious thought on giving up blogging.

However, I also find that blogging can be a kind of ‘escape door’ from my boring daily activities. Blogging is fun. First and foremost, it should always be fun. Obviously if you’re a full-time blogger who makes your living from blogging, sometimes it won’t be fun and you’ll have to do it anyway, but this post is directed more towards people like me (and maybe you?) who primarily blog because we enjoy documenting our lives and sharing our favorite things and connecting with other people. There are a lot of things that can put a damper on blogging but if you can maneuver your way around them and concentrate on the good things, you can be a happy blogger.

First of all, we have to ignore any numbers, blog traffic and follower. In my first year, I used to check my follower count constantly. It would go up by two and I’d get excited and then it would drop by three and I’d be horribly crushed. Then, I decided to just ignore them. Thinking about these numbers makes me crazy.

It goes to comments as well. I do read the comments (and also replay them) when I moderate them but now, I don’t really paying attention to its number. Well, ignoring numbers isn’t just about avoiding disappointment, it’s also about enjoying blogging for the act of blogging and not for the goal of gaining followers.

Write what you want to write is also a way to be a happy blogger. If you blog about things just because you think other people want to read them, you’re not going to be a happy blogger. Blog about what you like. And honestly, I’m so guilty of this myself. I can’t tell you how many times I broke the rules I made. At first I tried to find references from other blogs but then I ended up copying their style. Later on, I learn that being yourself and posting about the one-of-a-kind interests that make you YOU will make you a happy blogger.

In sum, blog about the things you love, don’t let your blog numbers get you down, and be proud of the work that you put into your posts. Post what you like and then like what you post. And above all, have fun. Enjoy blogging and just be happy.


7 thoughts on “I’m A Happy Blogger

  1. I think you may also be a mind reader. My blog started to be a means of communicating with my family, (since my cabin is so isolated). But over the years i have just written about whatever moves me. I may not be a ‘happy blogger’ but I hope I am an inspired one. Great posting!

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