Sungha Jung Plays Frozen’s Soundtrack on Youtube

It’s been a while since I watch Sungha Jung’s video on Youtube. I think it was his video playing Counting Stars (One Republic). Except his skills, I also notice that his age is also growing. He’s older and bigger now. And, surely, he’s getting more and more handsome (hehe).

Anyway, this time (finally) I get a chance to search his video again on Youtube (to be honest, I already subscribe his Youtube channel). And tadaa… I found him playing Let It Go (Frozen Ost.). Just like his other videos, this one is really amazing. Ah, and actually he uploaded two versions of this song. The first version was with guitar and the latest version was playing with ukulele. Both of them are stunning. But personally I like the guitar version most. I also embed the video from Youtube and audio from SoundCloud here so you can watch them by yourself.

Happy watching! Happy listening!:D


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