Reading is “Cool”


Reading is a common activity which can be done by everyone. This activity doesn’t need many requirements; even a kindergarten can do it. They just need a book, a magazine, or a newspaper in front of them; sit down and begin to read. In case they don’t have a book to read they can browse on the internet and download ‘e-book’ (electronic book) or articles from the news site. But sometimes it just happen automatically when they’re on the way home or when they’re waiting for a bus in bus stop and see a big fascinating billboard on the side road. It is just that simple! But behind its simplicity, reading has so many advantages. There are at least three advantages of reading it; improve our knowledge, refreshes our mind, and can be done in anywhere and anytime we’d like to.

People read newspaper in order to get information about the latest news. They want to know about the government’s new policy, how the victim of the earthquake continues their life, and about the celebrities’ divorce. High school’s students also read mathematics’ text books in order to solve the mathematics’ quizzes or to master it. Many people do this (reading) whenever they want to know or understand about something they don’t really understand.

In reading people often find some new words which are unfamiliar for them. It is usually related to technical words. For example the word ‘compound’ and ‘base’ will have different meaning if we found it in a chemist article. In that context the word ‘compound’ means, “a substance consisting of two or more elements in a chemical combination in fixed proportion” (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 1995). While the word ‘base’ means, “a substance, e.g. an alkali, that can combine with an acid to form a salt” (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 1995). The meaning is really different compared with its common meaning. It sometimes causes a fuse but unconsciously it can enrich their vocabulary.

However, reading is not only a way to get information or knowledge. People sometimes read whenever they feel sad, frustrated, or hopeless. They usually read a novel, comics, or inspiring articles rather than text books in that kind of conditions. They are looking for composure, enlightenment, enjoyment, and happiness in reading. They can laugh or cry during and after reading. It seems like a silly thing, but believe it or not, they feel relieved after it.

Besides those two things above, there are still so many advantages that can be found from reading. People don’t have to go to the library to read. They can borrow it from book rental. In case they cannot find the book there, they can go to the internet cafe. They can browse the internet and download ‘e-book’ (electronic book) or articles from the news site. It’s an easy and cheap way to do because they don’t need much money to spend.

100 years later, people may not read just by holding a book or newspaper in their both hands. Neither have they also downloaded ‘e-book’ nor articles from internet. People will use a more ‘hi-tech’ method to read as the human being’s technological development. But the essence of reading will remain the same. It can be done by anybody, in anywhere and at anytime. Besides, reading also can improve our knowledge, enriches vocabulary, refreshes our mind, and the most important is cheap.


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