The Uniqueness Of SPD

SPD or Service Program Design is one of many compulsory subjects offered in my faculty. This subject is for the last semester students – semester 7 and 8. There are many stories and gossips about this subjects. And the bad thing is that they aren’t good one. One of the many stories spread is about ‘”yawning”. We, as the students, are not allowed to yawn in the class. Otherwise, she will make us do push up ( for men) or scot jump (for women). Therefore, some seniors even called it as  “hell level 10”. 

The lecturer is very strict. She likes to to give us – her students – problems. And it’s true. I take the subject this semester and I did saw the fact about the gossips.

The first task I got from the lecturer was to make an artwork based on our motto of life. My friends and I spent the whole week just to make it. Why? Because we don’t want to be chosen as “the worst”. If we do become “the worst” then we have to make another one and bring it in the following week.

I don’t know what problems my lecturer will give to me next week. Whatever it would be, I hope I can find the way to solve it. Winking smile 

These are the pictures of our artworks.


vito's artwork

Be like water

nora's artwork

Success is like step on ladder

ika's artwork

Live with totality

lia's artwork

Don’t wait until tomorrow

ratna's artwork

We’re free to go where we wish and to be what we are

tania's artwork

Life’s never flat


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