When I Am Reminded

Each day is a new beginning given by God
I am reminded how blessed I am as this road I tread.J0177806
A new
friendship comes to mind and it is my treasure.
Watching a child at play is my greatest pleasure.
Being able to help a fallen soul will
be my greatest joy.
Watching a bird build a nest while the
world searches for rest.
I am reminded I am only a small part of his plan.
When skies are blue or gray you are always there beside me.
I am reminded of God’s love at the site
of a rainbow after the rain.
When I see the flag I’m reminded of the
freedoms I share.
I remember God’s love to me when I
suffer much pain.
As the clowns come to town I am grateful I’m able to laugh.
I’ll share your heavy load to let you
know I care.
I am reminded day by day we have much to share.


The poem above is titled “When I Am Reminded”. I got that poem from my poetry class in my last third semester. I like the poem very much. Whenever I read the poem, it always remind me that how lucky I am to  be a part of God’s plan.  It also tells me  that God has given me so much love through my friends, family, and all things in this world.

As human, I realize that I often forget God, neglect Him, and focus on worldly matters instead. Sometimes I also feel so lonely and in pain; neglected that God always there beside me. Giving me so much happiness to share; share to other people.

Hopefully, by posting this poem in my blog I can share the same feeling to others.


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