Living in modern era, people are offered with various information from various sources; television, newspaper, magazine, and many other. Those information sources are developing in rapid speed especially for television. Since its mass spread in the 1950s, television has become so ubiquitous that most people don’t realize the changes it’s wrought in our culture. Television in Indonesia, particularly, had been more developing since the reformation on 1998. There are more TV stations build since then; from one state owned national television (TVRI) build in 1962 to twelve commercial national TV stations, that number exclude the local TV’s number (List of television stations in Indonesia, Wikipedia, 2011). TV-monster

Even though television provides a lot of information, some people believe that television also gives bad effects to our society. Based on a survey conducted in America, the average American spends 4.5 hours a day watching TV (1642 hours a year). That fact implies that television makes people lazy. They prefer to watch television than do something which is more important.

Besides, there are many TV programs which contain violence. The more people watch these kind of programs, the bigger possibilities they become violent in behaviour. Freedman conducted a correlational research about “Effect of Television Violence on Aggressiveness” and found out that there is a positive coefficient between violent TV programs with aggressive behaviour. It means that an exposure of violent TV programs has a relation with aggressiveness. Yet, this research cannot describe whether or not violent TV programs trigger aggressive behaviour.

However, it should not be an excuse for those who work in television industry to keep showing such violent TV programs. Let’s begin with a program which has high rating, sinetron. Nowadays, there are so many sinetron which are not produced well. The story, plot, characters, and the values of the sinetron in my opinion are “junk”. most of these sinetron will exaggerate the antagonist characters. these antagonist characters will look like really mean. Their mean activities even being more exposed rather than the good one. Somehow, it implies that doing such thing, even bad, is permissible.

In fact, these negative effects of watching television can be avoided or minimized. What people should do is limit the time spent to watch TV. Besides limit the time spent on watching the TV, people have to choose the “right” TV program since not all programs presented in TV are worth to watch.

In conclusion, television does give bad effects to our society. Yet, those effects are not irreparable for the society and can be avoided so far. People have to really choose the programs they will watch in order to minimize the negative effects.


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