Feby and her water dipper

As usual, I spent Eid’s holiday in my home. This year, all my relatives from my mother’s side came to my house. The situation became very crowded since the member of the family increase, indeed. Although there were only three kids who are my cousins but they could make the house in chaos – running, jumping, playing, screaming, laughing and crying were all they P010911_17.10_[01]editdid in my house.

There’s one kid who was really active. She’s very curious and like to pick on someone else especially the other two kids. Her name is Feby. She’s Eka’s younger sister and she’s two years old.

Different with Eka, Feby – as I said before – is very active or should I call she’s naughty. Every time she saw something interesting or new for her, she would directly grab it and analyze it. Once in the afternoon, she found a water dipper near the garden. Like a kid who found a precious treasure she seemed very happy, carrying the water dipper wherever she went to. Sometimes, she swung the water dipper and acted as if she were taking a bath.

Felt not satisfied with that, she would swung the water dipper to someone else and pretended that she pour water to that person. She would do that to everybody. If the person she would like to pour the water at refused, she would P010911_17.12force that person until she/he willing to pretend as if she/he were taking a bath.

Yesterday, Feby and the other relatives from Bandung went back to Bandung. Well, the atmosphere in my house is different now. I will miss that moment very much. Now, I’m hoping that Christmas will come soon so that I can meet them.


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