Everybody is somebody’s hero

I’ve just started my PPL and there are not many jobs to do yet so that I spend my time watching movie with my friend in my boarding house. I watch many movies with various genres; horror, action, drama, comedy. In fact, those movies really entertain me. Some, even, enlighten me.

The last movie I watched with my friend titled “Somebody’s Hero”. It was a great film. Dennis Sullivan is an average accountant who is assigned for the account of a wealthy young widow Katie Wells by his boss Miss Malechek. Katie’s son, Jake, likes Man America – a superhero character – very much. However, his mother doesn’t like it since she had bad memory about heroic things; her husband died because he wanted to help someone. Knowing this, Sullivan wants to surprise Jake by wearing SuperheroeMan America’s costume. But accidentally he involved in a crime and appeared as a hero. All of sudden, his action in the costume shop was on TV, newspapers, and magazines. Now, Dennis Sullivan must become the superhero everyone wants him to be, despite his total lack of super powers.

The movie shows that everyone can be a hero; doesn’t necessary doing an extreme one like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. To be a hero in real life, we don’t need special power. Being a good example to your brother or sister or helping an old woman crossing the road are heroic things. What we need is simply willingness to  help others and that what was showed in this movie.

Reflecting to my real life, I have so many heroes. My mother is my hero. My father is my hero. My sister is my hero. My neighbor is my hero. Even a stranger is also my hero. They are my hero because for me they are heroes. It doesn’t need special reason to make them my hero, just simply because they help me – they help me in many things; from small to big things.

My next mission is to be a hero for others. I have my heroes. What about you?


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