rest in peace

by:Jay O’Toole

To rest in peace one needs make peace,
with One Who makes us all,
That death in peace with sweet release,
is known by all HE calls!

For peace to please we daily plea,
that souls once born in sin,
Would hear the plea and bow the knee,
to live in peace from then!

But if we do not know the One,
Who’s paid our lasting Peace,
Then death for us will be no fun,
and Hell, and screaming pleas!

So simple really, it is ours,
this life and death of Hope,
That death of One, ALL saints empowers,
no more’s a need to grope!

When Prince of Peace convicts of SIN,
confess that HE is right,
HIS death, HIS burial, HIS Third Day WIN,
converts with ALL HIS Might!

Agree and Thank HIM for HIS TRUTH,
admit, "No Peace in me!"
Accept the Blessing of this Youth,
that HE Alone can FREE!

How wondrous to find Living REST,
once entered, NEVER leaves!
In Christ, the Savior, wholly Blessed,
HIS Rest in Peace received!




Selamat jalan bulik,

Doa kami besertamu…….


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