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I often paly games recently just for spending my leisure time. I cannot remember since when I become addicted on playing games, PC games in particular. Maybe it started when I had my own laptop (I guess skids-playing-video-gameso). I play many types of games but honestly I cannot really play such tactic or fighting games.

Talking about games led me to the fact that nowadays many children do the same as I do. If you asked them what kind of present they would like to receive, most of them – especially boys – will answer PSP or video games.

Children and games are two things which always related. Children need games and so do games. Games are created because the needs of children to play. As the growth of technology, nowadays, there are many kinds of games offered by the games company. Cheap, expensive, conventional, modern, entertainment or educational games are all available in the market.

Generally there are four kinds of games; modern, conventional, education, and entertainment. Modern games are usually games which use high technology, such as video games, PSP, robot, or other electronic toys. While conventional games are the opposite (e.g. conventional Rubik and Lego). As the name, educational games are use for educational purpose. In other words, this kind of games can help children to learn something. While entertainment games are the opposite. It only gives pleasure for the player.

Among those four games, modern and entertainment games are the most popular. It is proved by the number of video games and electronic toys which drowning the market. And based on the “2008 American International Toy Fair” written on, modern games such as video games are in the top 10

Since modern and entertainment games are the most popular games among children, then conventional and educational games are less popular. It may because of the difficulty of the games. Many educational games are difficult to solve such as “Sudoku”. And this condition leads the children to get bored easily. Only some of them are succeeded in playing and solving the games. But it does not mean that all educational games are difficult to solve or play. There are many educational games that easy to solve or play; Lego bricks for example. Children can easily build something by using it and whenever they want to construct other construction it can be taken apart easily.

Many people believe that modern games, especially video games are not good for children. They said that it has many bad effects, such as addiction and lack of social interaction. Furthermore, there were about a third of Top 100 video games which contain violence actions on 1999 in America.

Considering that video games are very popular among children, we will consider that thus phenomenon is not good for children. But, is it always so? Do video games always give bad effects to children? According to Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor at UCLA on said that there is positive correlation between video games and intelligence. It can increase the nonverbal IQ (spatial skills à the use of icons for problem solving and the ability to understand things from multiple viewpoints). This statement, then, shows that video games also have positive effects for children.children

Above those all explanation, games are needed by children. It is because the nature of children is to play and games are the media. Modern, conventional, entertainment or educational games are all good for children, because there are no best games. But, then, the selection of the games must be controlled by the parents. Parents should choose the appropriate games for their children; the one which has less bad effects. They also should limit the playing time so that there will be a balance between playing and learning for their children. It’s not only merely applied for children, I think, but also for adult like me. Well, having a hobby on playing games is okay but don’t get addicted to it.


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    structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of
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    Maybe you could space it out better?

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